Sites I have created

Catering Website
Colette's Catering: A small cafe and catering business. She wanted her website to look just like her business cards.
website for foundation repair
A-Custom Foundation Repair: Only had two pictures of their two pier system and had no idea what to have their site like, so I copied their business card as well.
website for mural painting
Wonderland Murals: Artist and great friend. Her work is very inspiring and her creations take you into another world. She had in mind the overall look for her site, and built it up from there with many changes and sorting through many many pictures.
website for dwarf goat association
NDGA: Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association. They had a patriotic theme for their association. And it was more for the members to have handy information they needed at the time this was built.
website for goat breeding
Lynn McAdoo: raising dwarf goats and Great Pyrenees puppies. Never got to tweak it out or put in the puppies.
DFW African Website: Great Idea, Short lived. Originally scripted in ASP, recently (and quickly) converted to PHP for hosting on this site :)
Blinds by Kim: custom blind and shutter company for residental and business.
Lady Shiva: Aroma Therapist. Had a small store in Arlington where she sold her handmade candles, shampoos, and other various products using essental oils.
Onyx Bear: Bedding retail store specializing in western decor. As far as I know, she is still selling products, but no longer online.
Keila's Critters: Animal rescue and adoption