Great Pyrenees puppies watching baby goat Welcome to Dav-Lyn Farms

Welcome to Dav-Lyn Farm,
located 25 minutes south of Fort Worth, Texas
off I35W.

I have been breeding Nigerian Dwarf goats since 1989. Our goat herd has
evolved with the goal set on conformation and improaved mammary. I look
for that calm, loving temperament in all our goats. We have pet quality,
breeding, and show quality stock for sale at all times.

Our does stay within the breed standard of 21" and bucks within 23"
height, measured at the top of the withers (shoulders). Milking ability
is important, but I do not milk my goats regularly. Goat milk soap is
what I do with the milk that is taken. The BIG plus is the Nigerian
Dwarf goat can be milked daily if you prefer or, let her babies have it
all and enjoy just watching.

Their love of people makes them great companions for both big and little
people. Once you have one you will have to get MORE!

Our herd is state certified free of TB and Brucellosis and vet certified
free of CAE via annual testing we do through our vet.

We also have blue eyed goats for sale too. All of our goats are
reasonably priced.

You may contact me at: 3636 County Road 613, Alvarado, Tx. 76009.
Phone and Fax: 817 790 8559 and Email:

We look forward to hearing from you.
Lynn McAdoo


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