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Personal Chef Service

Have you ever wanted to have your own personal chef?
Now you can with Colette's Personal Chef Service.
With Colette's Personal Chef Service, you get delectable meals prepared in Colette's Café Kitchen, tailor-made to meet your family's tastes and nutritional needs. A full week worth of healthy, flavorful cuisine is prepared and delivered right to your door.

  • Customized Menu Planning
  • No Grocery Shopping
  • Meals Prepared to Your Specifications
  • Meals Delivered to Your Door
  • Ready in Minutes
  • Easy Clean Up
  • Healthy Food Loaded with Flavor
  • Economical

    • Customized Menu Planning
      The first step in setting up your personal chef service is to discuss your menu preferences with Chef colette. She will customize your menu based on your preferences, dietary needs, weight loss goals. She'll also take into account any food allergies or dietary restrictions you may have. Return to Top of Page

    • No Grocery Shopping
      Chef Colette will shop for all the freshest and most flavorful ingredients on the day she prepares your meals. You won't know what to do with all the time you'll save when you don't have to hunt down your groceries anymore. And no more last minute runs to the store for that forgotten ingredient. Return to Top of Page

    • Meals Prepared To Your Specifications
      Whether you want to enjoy a quiet meal with the family or host an elaborate dinner party, meal preparation is no longer an issue. Your meals have been prepared in the sanitary environment of our commercial kitchen so you can forget about the chore of preparing dinner after a long day. Multiple meals are stored conveniently in your freezer. Colette will package your entrees and side dishes either family style or as individual servings. This allows you to heat only as much food you need for each meal. The choice is yours. Return to Top of Page

    • Meals Delivered To Your Door
      Deliveries will be made each Tuesday. Just let us know how many meals you would like for each week. Reusable containers will be provided with your first delivery, and will be collected on the next visit. If you’re unable to be home to accept delivery, simply give us instruction on the best location to leave your order. Return to Top of Page

    • Ready In Minutes
      The only planning on your part is to move frozen entrees from your freezer to refrigerator the night before you plan to serve. This gives the dish adequate time to safely defrost. Typical time for heating each meal is 20-30 minutes. Detailed instructions will be provided with your order. Return to Top of Page

    • Easy Clean Up
      The tedious chores of cleaning up after each meal are cut in half when you use Colette’s Personal Chef Service. All the preparation has been done for you, so you only need to clean the heating and serving dishes. You get out of the kitchen faster so you can get on with enjoying the rest of your evening. Return to Top of Page

    • Healthy Food Loaded With Flavor
      Not only is Colette’s Personal Chef Service healthy for your family, it’s healthy for the planet. Chef Colette’s meals are free of excessive preservatives used to make most frozen food you find at your local grocery store. This means you eat healthier. With reusable containers you eliminate the waste of excessive packaging that comes with the ready-made frozen meals from your grocer. You have less trash you throw out. You make the planet healthier. Return to Top of Page

    • Economical
      The cost of each meal will vary depending on your selections, but for far less than the cost of eating out, and slightly more than cooking everything yourself Colette’s Personal Chef Service provides you with a healthy alternative for your entire family. And the best benefit of all, you get to save the most valuable resource in today’s hectic world: Your Personal Time. Return to Top of Page

    Colette prides herself on being able to provide the higest quality of service as your personal chef. Because of this, she will only be able to provide this service to a limited number of people at this time.

    Contact us to reserve your place and become one of her Personal Chef clients before her schedule is filled to capacity.

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