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"Want To Know About One Of The Best Kept Secrets In Fort Worth?"

"Want To Know Where To Find Some Of The Best Homemade Cuisine At Reasonable Prices?"
Visit Colette's Café

Come to a Charming Café where Owner and Chef Colette Lister creates delicious dishes from scratch using culinary secrets passed down from generations of exceptional family cooks. Experience mouth-watering food in a comfortable setting.

Colette’s Café is in the process of expanding and moving to Downtown Ft Worth. During this transistion, Colette will still offer her catering services.
Call 817-492-9951 for more information.
More information will be posted at a later date.

Food critics from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fort Worth Weekly, and the Dallas Morning News all give Colette’s Café “Thumbs Up . . .this is a really unique approach to café dining.”

Customers praise Colette’s Café for “Great food, atmosphere, and personal touches.”

Colette’s loyal clientele are enamored by the personal invitations they receive for Colette’s intimate Candlelight Dinners. If you’d like to become one of those special customers, please Contact Us right away, and we’ll see if we can accommodate you for our next special event.

Colette's Café & Catering is
Expanding and Moving to Downtown Fort Worth!
Phone: 817-492-9951
Fax: 817-492-9107