This website is created to cater but not limited to the entire African community in the Dallas/fort-worth metroplex and surrounding areas. Our goal is creating an online community where everything comes together. Whether you are new in the DFW area or have been a resident for years, you can visit our website to find information on businesses, churches, organizations, upcoming events, African organizations, links to other African related sites, and look at photos of past events and get all the latest African news at a click of a button.
We have taken the time below to explain our mission as it relates to every category on our website. You will have a better understanding of what makes our website unique and why it is a great resource for our community

BUSINESSES: If you are looking to find African businesses and owners in the area, this is a great place to start. If you are a Business owner this is the right place to advertise your business. Internet advertising works. Give your business the opportunity to be possibly seen by thousands of people daily. We are listed on most of the top search engines. We are marketing our website not only to the African community but all over the DFW area . We have partnered with other sites as well as businesses, making our website very visible. Visitors to our website are growing even more everyday

ORGANIZATIONS: A place to find out more about various African organizations in the area. If you looking for an organization to join or simply want to learn about any organization from your country. We want to build an extensive list. If you are a member of any African organization please let us know. We will be glad to build a profile and list your organization on our directory.

CHURCHES: Looking for a place of worship? You can start here. If you are new to the area or simply don’t have a Church home, our website is a great place to find a church close to you. Our church listing is not limited to African churches. If you already belong to a church we will be glad to add you church in our directory.

EVENTS: You can find out about events going on in the area on our events page. We will be listing events such as weddings, baby christening, business expos, wake keepings, funerals, anniversaries, birthdays and much more. If you are planning an event we will advertise your event for you. You can also check other event already on schedule on our website so as to not plan yours on the same date.

AFRICAN NEWS: As a service to the community and in a joint effort with other websites, we are able to bring you the latest African news, covering all African countries. We don’t always get the latest African news on radio and television here in the US. This is a good place to find out what’s going on and stay informed.

LEADERS/ PROFESSIONALS/ CHIEFS: As a way to recognize our leaders, professionals and Chiefs, we reserved a section of our website for them. This is simply for anyone to get to know the “WHO IS WHO” in the DFW African community. That includes or Chiefs, doctors, lawyers, civic leaders, prince and princesses, business leaders, presidents of organizations etc. We realize that we have very well educated and important people in our community. We want to celebrate their accomplishments. They all serve as an inspiration to us all and our young people can also learn from their leadership. If you are one of these important people, please let us recognize you. Help us make this part of our website as successful.

PHOTO GALLERY/ PAST EVENT PHOTOS: This is probably one of the most fun part of the website. Simply get online and look at photos of some past events, some that you may or may not have been part of. We will be covering a great deal of events in the area. If you have photos of an event that you will like to share with others we will put it up on our past events photos or the photo gallery section for you. You can share wedding photos, graduations, birthdays, baby christening and much more. The great thing about that is that you may have friends and family in different parts of the world and country that were not able to make it to your event, they can get on our website and still be able to look at your photos without you having to send it to them. They can also print those photos for themselves at no cost to you or to them.

LINKS: When we find important websites that we think will be useful to our online visitors we try to bring it to your attention. You can find these websites on our link page. If you have a website that you will like our users to take a look at let us know. We will be more than happy to add your website. This also a great way to advertise your business website without creating a full ad on our website.

FOR MORE INFORMATION , QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS, PLEASE CONTACT US. From the home page click contact us for all of our contact information.